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Accreditation For "Francine Navarro"

Former Owner/Founder of Bright and White, Inc., and Triple A Smile, 

Owner/Founder of Teeth Whitening Benefit.com

I, Francine Navarro, owner of Teeth Whitening Benefit, would like to offer a 75% discount on teeth whitening from the dentist fees to all your members nationwide.

I offer over 35 years experience in the dental field for Hygiene Consulting, sales, management, ownership, and social media expert.

I am the Former owner and founder of Bright and White, Inc. The Professional Teeth Whitening Company from 2001-2014. This company has been sold and is now in the Management of David Lowery in the Washington area.

Now, owning and managing Teeth Whitening Benefit.com,  includes over 19 years of proven success and ongoing partnerships by providing benefits to the following associations in the past and present.

ASSOCIATION CONTRACTS: (2001-Present) Members and Employees Americans for Financial Securities (AFS), Best Benefits, Careington International,Darque Tan, Entertainment Publications, Lifetime Fitness, My American Access, National Association for the Self Employed (NASE), National Benefit Builders, Inc., New Benefits, Southwest Airlines, and United Marketing Group.
A quote from Robert Hughes, former President of the NASE - “National Association for the Self Employed.” Bright and White and Francine Navarro was a very Successful vendor including “Stellar Service.”

Phase II: Members and Employees: Access Development Corporation, American Access, Association Member Benefit Advisers, Competitive Health, Coverdell Discount Program, Direct Dental Plans of America, Inte Q, LLC, Patriot Health, Southwest Airlines, and WellCard Savings.

REASON: TWB offers affordable Savings from the dentist fees, and no dental visits. Free Consultations and One on One live Chat for complete Customer Service.

Our Full Whitening kits comes with custom made trays for the members own impressions (upper and lower arches) reaching all the way back to your molars. We also provide Philips Zoom! and Venus Pro Prescription Strength gel for zero sensitivity  - which is the fastest most effective in the dental field today!
All orders are Completed online and delivered by first class mail.


Teeth whitening + enamel strengthening. 5x whiter in 5 days. NO sensitivity.

Our Best Seller!! 

 Inn White Teeth Whitening & Enamel Care Kit


An innovative, clinically proven cosmetic teeth whitening kit that combines professional elements of heat and blue LED light (INNBLUE16™) to give you fast, visible results without sensitivity. The INNPRO36™ gel contains 15% water to prevent dehydration. Get your smile 5x whiter in 5 days. NO sensitivity.

FDA approved.

iPhone/Android/USB compatible.

100% Guaranteed with 100% Integrity!!

I sincerely look forward to giving all members and employees a savings to enjoy and something NEW to SMILE about. 

Reach out to me direct for your free consultation to see if you are a right candidate for teeth whitening!

Francine Navarro/President/CDA
BBB Approved Since 2001



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