2 Custom made Trays for upper and lower arches w/ Three 35% Syringes - Teeth Whitening Benefit

2 Custom made Trays for upper/lower arches w/ Four 35% Syringes

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Custom made trays for upper and Lower arches and One full year of bleaching gel made

Four syringes of 35% Venus White Pro

Same trays that you would receive from your local dental office - every order filled and processed with-in one business day and sent by First Class mail. 

Comes with a prepaid mailer Box that comes back to our personal dental lab in TX, step-by-step instructions to take an accurate impressions of your teeth and gum line, putty and disposable trays.

These trays are great for whitening or bleaching your teeth, fluoride treatments, and can also be used for a more comfortable sleep if you tend to grind at night. 

Recommendations needed on a personal basis can be made by contacting us direct at our lab.