Informed Consent

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>You are 18 years old or older

>The product is for your own personal use

>You will personally make your own impressions

>The product will be used for the sole purpose of whitening your teeth

>You do NOT have any lose teeth, decayed, or rotten Teeth

>You will not use this product if pregnant or nursing without first consulting your doctor

>You do not lose crowns

>You do not have periodontal (GUM) disease and if HAD periodontal disease – you are under a maintenance program under your primary dentist - suggested a teeth cleaning every 3 months

>Your teeth are regularly clean professionally twice a year

>You are aware that the use of the product will not whiten any dental work such as: Crowns, Porcelain, gold, cavities, bridges, or veneers ect..

>You are not allergic to Sodium Fluoride, Carbaminde Peroxide, Glycerin, or Sodium Hydroxide or ammonium Silicone or Potassium Nitrate

>You acknowledge that employees/staff are not Dentist – we are certified in the Dental field/Lab for consulting and custom teeth trays for 18 years now here in TX – U.S.