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Does Teeth Whitening Benefit "TWB" carry the new Philips Zoom Day White and Nite White gels?

Yes, the newest and the BEST. TWB only offers the best name brand whitening gel. Nite White gel was originally manufactured by Discus Dental, but is now part of Philips Oral Healthcare. Philips now offers both series of whitening gels under the Philips Zoom product line. This includes the Nite White carbamide peroxide whitening gels and the Day White hydrogen peroxide gels.

Does the whitening gel cause sensitivity?

No, it should not cause sensitivity if used properly. If you have Sensitivity to begin with before you ever bleach call for a free Consultation at: 281-865-5074 - We will highly recommend 4 things to do before you start your whitening!

TWB  primarily only offers Philips Zoom whitening gel.  These gel products contain a patented formula called ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate). Whitening with ACP means stronger teeth, greater comfort and better results. It rebuilds and restores enamel luster, and perhaps more importantly reduces sensitivity. Clinical tests comparing gel with ACP versus without showed that 90% of the ACP patients experienced either zero or less sensitivity. Nevertheless, use of any peroxide agent in the mouth can lead to sensitivity if care is not taken.

Firstly, if your teeth are already sensitive, consider discovering the cause before starting teeth whitening. Common causes for sensitivity include exposed dentin from gum recession or tooth wear, cavities, and clenching or grinding your teeth. Treating the sensitivity concern first will make the whitening process easier.

Secondly, using poorly fitting homemade boiled trays can lead to sensitivity and pressure. Using a well-fitting tray requires an accurate impression and model, and attention to detail in the fabrication process. An over-the-counter do-it-yourself tray will whiten your teeth, but at a slower rate and with increased sensitivity because of the less than perfect fit.

Lastly, if a tray is not professionally custom-made, it can allow the gel to leak out and onto the gums causing irritation. This can also happen if you use too much gel in the tray and it presses out onto the gum line. Always follow the gel instructions and use just a pin-drop per tooth.

Any sensitivity that results from use of a TWB kit is reversible. Tooth whitening by its nature temporarily causes microscopic exposed dentin. But once you stop whitening, any such sensitivity will go away. For those experiencing sensitivity, these strategies can help to alleviate it while whitening.

– an over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medication like ibuprofen taken prior to each whitening session can help
– consider wearing your trays for a shorter period of time or using a lower concentration of whitening gel
– consider using a desensitizing toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate such as Sensodyne

Where can I get more whitening gel when I run out?

TWB Has Refresher kits always on hand. Online ordering is available!

How long do I have until gel expires?

Expiration dates are printed on the Philips Zoom whitening gel packages. They typically have a two-year shelf life but we have seen results that the gel is still active for a minimum of two years past the date.

Do I need to refrigerate the gel?

No. Philips Zoom whitening gel can be kept at regular room temperature or lower. It will degrade, though, if stored at length in a very hot environment.

How often do I need to touch up?

Please keep in mind….

After your initial bleaching time – that will last you anywhere from 6 to 8 months – depending on your re-staining habits – such as coffee, Tea, Red wine, cigarettes, dark fruit, ect… after that, you will monitor and refresh once every 3 to 4 months after that.

How many shades whiter will my teeth get?

Typically you will notice 2 to 3 shades whiter teeth as early as the first day of use. After 4 days of use, studies show that many people see a shade difference of about 6 shades whiter. However, some patients take a longer time to whiten.

How long does it take to get my teeth whitening kit?

Creating a professional custom-fitted lab whitening kit is a multi-step process that requires accurate teeth impressions.  After placing your kit order, we send you the first shipment which contains the impression set and instructions to make an accurate impression of your teeth and gum line. It should take less than 15 minutes to complete making your own impressions with our set. Return your impressions to our lab using the pre-paid envelope and that’s when we go to work. Our lab will create molds from your impressions and customize your new whitening trays for a perfect fit. We then send our second and final shipment to you which will contain the full whitening kit complete with your custom trays and whitening gel. Typically you can expect that second shipment to go out within a week of us receiving your impressions (depending on volume).

Can I sleep in my trays or wearing them longer than the time frame?

Yes – the potency of the gel wear off after the time frame designed for that product…for example if bleaching time is 30 minutes to an hour – than the potency of the gel (the effectiveness) wears out and the bleaching will automatically stop – so if you have picked a hour to overnight same thing – you can not over bleach.

What does the gel consist of?

The gel is strictly Hydrogen peroxide, fluoride and Potassium, which is very health for your teeth and gums and does not affect the enamel of the tooth. The over the counter products will.

Will the bleach affect the enamel of the tooth?

No, the hydrogen peroxide flushes the stains away and does not affect the enamel of the tooth.

Do my trays only bleach the front teeth of my uppers and lowers?

You can determine where in the custom tray to place the whitening gel. Most people place a pin-drop amount at the bottom or front center of each tooth cup, but if you want to whiten the back of your teeth you can position the gel in the custom-fitted tray so that the rear of each tooth is also whitened. Our Trays fit all the way to back molars for upper and lower arches!

Watch Video on How to Whiten at Home with your custom made trays "CLICK HERE"