Instructions on "Impressions at Home"

Instructions on How to take your Impressions!!
A. Read all instructions before beginning

  1. Wash hands thoroughly!!
  2. Insert empty trays in mouth to test fit.
  3. With a paper towel handy-set trays on clean surface.
  4. Place two putty-paks for upper and one for lower next to trays (The upper tray is closed in the center). Each tray will be done separately. YOU WILL ONLY HAVE FOUR MINUTES PER TRAY WHEN INSERTED IN MOUTH.

B. Upper tray steps (1-6 Should only take twenty seconds)

  1. Unwrap 2 “putty-paks” one BLUE (or GREEN) and one White
  2. Mix the base and catalyst together (Blue (or Green) and White).
  3. Squeeze product together.
  4. Mix thoroughly until no visible streaks are apparent. (Like kneading dough)
  5. Roll together with both hands until putty looks like a short fat hot dog. (Blue (or Green), NO White)
  6. Load mix putty into tray. Insert tray in mouth immediately, and start timing your four minute impression.
  7. Press FIRMLY so tray lies even in mouth and teeth almost hit bottom of tray. You may do this by closing your mouth.
  8. Remove tray at end of FOUR minutes and place on clean surface.

C. Repeat 1 thru 6 for lower impressions

D. A. After your impressions are completed, wrap in a paper towel, place in Return pre-paid mailer and return to:

Teeth Whitening

2803 Noble Grove Lane

Katy, TX 77494


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