Accessories to Keep a Brighter Smile and Fresher Breath

If you think your mouth is its cleanest, this little tool will show you otherwise!  
Your tongue acts as a porous sponge collecting numerous odor-causing bacteria, germs and candida (yeast) along with food debris.  Studies confirm that DE-plaguing the tongue will significantly retard initial plaque formation and reduce total plaque accumulation on the teeth. Toothbrushes help to clean the tongue somewhat, but tend to simply sweep bacteria and food particles around instead of actually removing them. The BreathRX tongue scraper effectively lifts and removes these organisms and debris ensuring that your mouth--and breath--is its cleanest.  Just a few seconds a day after you brush is all it takes.  Each BreathRX tongue scraper has a patented slim, flexible, gag-reducing design and is dual-sided: One side is regular for thorough cleaning, while the other is softer for a more gentle cleaning.  Not available in retail stores.
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